Mark Evans is a lifelong resident of Flint, Michigan, a United States Air Force Veteran, a University of Michigan-Flint graduate with a bachelor degree in Public Administration, creator, investor and Chief Executive Officer of True Light Systems LLC.  Mark worked at Metro Community Development, starting out as an Intern to Director of Program that spanned over 20 years working with community, parents and young people.  In June 2013, Mark had a serious car accident that caused him to retire.

During his life journey, Mark grew a passion for lighthouses working with community members and his own life challenges, lighthouses and pictures became a symbol of hope and a beacon through storms.  At some time, often when we least expect it, we all have to face overwhelming challenges.  When the unthinkable happens, we look for signs of encouragement, strength, warmth, and love.  As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  At True Light, we believe your pictures of family, friends, and you are your beacons in this life journey.  Today’s moments are tomorrow memories.   At your next event, capture your moments with a True Light Photo Booth!  Ten percent of our proceeds go to Michigan Lighthouse Alliance whose mission is to preserve and advocate for Michigan’s historic lighthouses.

Mark Evans
Chief Executive Officer

Dan Kurin is the Chief Technology Officer of True Light Systems, the CEO of Swiftlet Technology LLC, and the founder of the Flint Smart City Initiative. He has co-planned two TEDxFlint events in 2010 and 2011, helped start a makerspace in downtown Flint (Factory Two), and has co-taught a DIY-focused after-school program on the north-side of Flint.

Through his own company, Swiftlet Technology, Dan pairs technical experience from a broad range of backgrounds with an ability to facilitate diverse groups in order to solve problems for institutional and startup partners alike. He loves to learn as he engages with projects that span multiple disciplines including Electronics, Software (in all different environments), and Information Technology.

Dan holds a degree from Kettering University in Electrical Engineering (2011).

Dan Kurin
Chief Technology Officer

Spencer Wilson is our newest addition to the team as our Sales Manager overseeing our sales department and will lead our company’s sales force as it expands. He started his own business at 15 years old as a freelance filmmaker and has brought the skills he has learned in sales to our company. Spencer has had an early start to his education, having graduated from Delta College at the age of 19, He also worked with Charter Spectrum in a sales Representative position.

Spencer is very excited to bring his strong motivation to the table. He is ready to use the skills he has learned to take Truelight to the next level and expand the company into new areas in Michigan. 

Spencer Wilson
Sales Manager

Price Graduated from the University of Michigan Flint in 2012. Now he is a Graphic Designer who teachers after school program classes in and around the flint area. The main subjects are tech related having to do with Computer graphics and 3d animation.  As a Graphic Designer he mainly does Web Design, Book Illustrations, Corporate Design and 3D animations.

Caleb Price
Graphic Designer